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Great career services, I am currently doing a postgraduate course and benefit greatly from their services. Love the Moorgate campus, spacious and more lifts than actually needed. Bloomsbury campus is more cozy and both campuses have great chill areas, including a foosball table, ping pong and pool table.


The course is well structured and with only studying two things at a time it isn’t too overwhelming on the part time LPC with masters course, as I still work full time. The campus is small but very modern and great city centre location. The careers service again is small but very helpful.


The course is really well structured, with only two topics being studied at a time on the part time LPC with the masters addition the work load remains manageable even when working full time. The campus is small but very modern and easy to navigate, plus an ideal central location in Manchester City centre. The careers service is again small but extremely helpful, even providing free text book and resources to help find training contracts and pupilages.