Nepalese Society

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I joined the Nepalese society when I was in my first year of Bachelors and today I’m doing a masters and still am a proud society member. The society has given me a lot of chances; chance to meet new people, a chance to have fun from all the game nights to house parties, chance to participate in volunteering programmes to raise money for Nepal, etc. Although some programmes did not run as smoothly as mentioned, it was always fun at the end of the day because it is the warm company of the members which matters the most. Events as such are always very good for the freshers which will allow them to introduce themselves to the society members and mainly help them to make new friends in a new place.


There are lots of events and they are planned well. All the committee members are really helpful and reply quick. There are lots of members this year so every event is always fun and lively and it’s such a good opportunity to meet new people