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I have studied at three different universities and there are certain qualities about Manchester that I really don't like. Firstly there is no campus feel. Secondly, teachers at my previous universities were very down to Earth and students were "normal". Here, lots of students are very middle class and the staff are not friendly and sometimes confrontational. In one class, the lecturer had a five minute arguement with a student who was speaking to someone next to him. This was in a huge lecture hall in Roscoe and there was barely any audible noise. I have heard that this happened frequently with this lecturer and there are others who are really not nice. The university feels artificial and like the only thing that matters is the reputation of the university. It feels like a business and students are livestock. There is no open door policy. Also, there were huge numbers of students in my classes here (over 200 in my first year).


Manchester Metropolitan. I had heard such good things about it. It’s a shame that it didn’f live up to it. The organisation of the course leaders is a shambles. I had joined my course through clearing but they had no clue who I was. I wasn’t allowed to go to the first week of induction lectures because they hadn’t finished all of my admin. During that first week, I missed quite a lot and had no clue about what was going on. Secondly, the standard of teaching really is poor. The lack of enthusiasm from some of the lecturers made me feel bored and uninterested in their lectures. After studying my first year at the University of Greenwich, I can definitely say that I had a much more pleasant experience there but wanted to move away for uni to experience the living and social side of it. It’s safe to say that it was a regret.