Edge Hill University



Campus is perfect and has great facilities. Really clean and modern. However - my course (P.E) was wrongly sold to me and did not meet my expectations. Could of done it from home and most of it was a waste of my time - I feel no better prepared for the workplace than when I entered.

Cory Knapp

Course teachers are lazy, head of year refused to help even when I had lost valuable lesson time due to having to take my girlfriend to the hospital multiple times due to her sickness. Was treated horribly in an email even though I have special needs. Girlfriend was forced out of her halls as the girls in there were nasty and screamed and shouted abuse at her, was about to turn physical and refused to give her a move due to her moving too many times due to different reasons. After demanding to be moved she was but nothing was done about the situation and they took the nasty girl's side due to them ganging up on her in their statements which was appalling. All in all, majority of those here have had a good experience, but if you get sick or need to take time away from University, do not expect them to care for your wellbeing, they only care about their status, not their students.