Antwerp Mansion

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1st in Manchester

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Decent night if you’re pissed but is a really grimey place but that’s what makes it. Would suggest going there later rather than earlier


I love antwerp but it is disgusting. Maybe that’s part of its whole image but you walk in and there’s mud everywhere, the toilets are flooded, there’s no toilet seats, sometimes no doors. The actual building is cool though it has a lot of graffiti and stuff making it all grunge and Halloween like.


A right of passage for all fallowfieldians. This desolate shack of class A's and graffiti is every sesh lovers dream. Without where will your standard ket head find refuge?


There was walls and a rough and some speakers in to the void there was a bar with little upalumpas who sold all kind of mad concoctions. 9/9 would bang again.

Tarelle Dixon

Depending on the night a general good vibe sometimes oversold and over crowded Right next to my house Decent prices drinks A variably of nights for all