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Location was perfect - on campus, literally across the road from the library and a 2 minute walk to my lecture theatres. As the cheapest accommodation in my year at £130 and a double bed it was perfect for me. Shared bathroom facilities were fine as we separated the girls bathroom from the boys and kept it clean - even so cleaners came in every other day to keep it to a good standard. Had no maintenance issues, only general frustration was having to go over the road to Crown Court to get our mail. No dodgy neighbours or any dangerous activities going on as security cameras were on and it was a decent part of town with it being next to the university. The houses were about 7 people sharing, which is quite a big house, however compared to places like Carnatic and greenbank very antisocial and difficult to mingle and find others outside your own house. I enjoyed my year there but if I had the chance to go back would probably have chosen Carnatic or greenbank, as melville made it quite hard to make decent friends. Room was spotless, massive desk and plenty of space, definitely the best quality rooms the uni halls have to offer, but does possibly cost your social life!


It's a clean space generally (depends how bad the flatmates are where cleaners can decide not to touch the kitchen). The noise can be gears if you want to have a quiet night but neighbours have other pland. Good option for those with subjects in arts and humanities as it's so close. Looks a bit like a retirement village though. However most of the accomodation at the uni are not too bad with space given.