Cosy Club (Bristol)

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I have been to Cosy Club a few times with my student friends as a treat, and I always enjoy it. The bar staff are always friendly and polite, plus the decor is beautiful! On certain days they have the 2 cocktails for £10, which my friends and I take advantage of when we are there, and the cocktails are so tasty, unique and well presented. It's definitely a great place to go, and even though it isn't as cheap as Spoons, it's still pretty good value for money if you go on the deal days, and when you split with your friends the prices aren't too bad!


Cosy Club has a lot of fun! I enjoy drinking there with my mates before going out clubbing! Drinks are respectable prices and taste amazing! If you haven’t been here before I would definitely recommend it! The only downside is that it doesn’t open till that later!


This is a great venue with a great atmosphere and full of lovely people. You can always count on cosy’s for a good time and the music is great.