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Literally the biggest rip off, you are paying more expensive than in the city and you get a cold single bed bedroom. There is an ensuite but it’s more of a wet room, so when you have a shower it floods the bathroom. Mine went under the walls and floor and started growing mold in my room. They are constantly coming in to fix new things, as something always seems to be broken. The WiFi also does not work that well and most people just end up using their data. My friend is in the city (fusion tower) and paying £100 a month less and has a modern new built double bed bedroom with a proper ensuite with a shower. Would not recommend student village to anyone.


Personally, I think the price we pay for what we get is far too high, having to pay for our own tv lisences when students in other accommodation do not and also have a tv provided for them...they also pay less than I do. The convenience of being on campus is pretty good, however the general quality is poor. Things break, boilers leak, and the whole building isn't even 5 years old yet. It's so loud, security can't be bothered to stop top floor from being loud 24/7. Makes me not want to do uni.


Location is ideal in terms of being on campus so no need to roll out of bed for lectures until 10 mins before! However the down side to being on campus is that you have to get the bus to get anywhere as there isn't much to do up in frenchay. Bit of a pain if you just wanna go for a few drinks but have to make the effort of catching a bus. The actual rooms are pretty decent in terms of size and the fact you get an ensure! Obviously a bit plain like any other student room so you have to make it your own. Large kitchen and dining area which is fab for pre drinks. All in all the actually accommodation is decent but I'd still recommend going to Halls in city centre for more of a social experience.