Orchard Heights

6th in Bristol



Good location, near to the city centre and uni which is great. The rooms are so nice, they clean our kitchens twice a month which is also good. In terms of social experience, mine was quite poor. I didn't get placed with people who were like me (which is how I described my ideal room mates when I applied), the social experience in the common rooms were very minimal and the extra events they had should've been publicised better for a better outcome.


I like having an ensuite and the location is great -- just 10 minutes away from campus. But, the room is very small and my kitchen is too small for me and my nine flatmates. And the maintenance can be slow; my flatmate has only had one curtain since we moved in. She reported it straight away and we've now bee living here for over two months! It's also really expensive.

R�_is�_n Jacobson

I like having an en suite and such a large common room. We have movies there every Sunday. But main doors are often broken and the walls are very thin. There are 10 of us in my flat but the kitchen is big enough for about 7 people.