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Goldney Hall is situated less than 10 minutes walk the the triangle. Perfect for getting up with the minimum amount of time to spare before a 9am. It's very sociable and there are beautiful gardens which are great in the summer. Tennis courts, pool, table tennis and cheap bar are some of the most useful facilities.... don't worry there's a study room aswell. Oh and there's an inquisitive cat called Obi who likes a cuddle.


My block and three others were renovated over the summer and I have a beautiful room with a double bed. I am extremely fortunate as other blocks and rooms appear very run down and they do not pay much less for the room despite it being much worse. My flat has a wet room instead of showers and toilets separate which can be a little gross and there is never hot water, despite this the bathrooms are clean and the water pressure is good. For 4 weeks we only had 1 hon between 8 people in the flat and despite numerous calls and maintenance reports it still took 4 weeks for the hob to be fixed. I love these halls and feel extremely lucky to be here! The location and grounds are perfect. Goldney is a quieter alternative to the stoke bishop halls but still has a thriving social scene. The halls are relatively small and if you want a night in it is easy and quiet buy nights out are fantastic. The small nature of the halls means everyone knows eaxhother and everyone is friendly! I would recommend these halls to anyone applying!


Goldney Hall is an overall nice accommodation for students. It is located in Clifton which is a great area to live in (perhaps the best in Bristol!) Although the rooms are relatively old, they tend to be bigger compared to other students accommodations. The gardens are also very beautiful and it has certain facilities such as study rooms, tennis courts and a bar. I would highly recommend!