Mount Charles

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Earlier, I used to live in Guthrie House. When we compare it to Mount Charles, it stands no where. Mount Charles cost is same but the room is bigger. Odd number Mount Charles accommodation has free drying and washing facility and is close to Tesco.


The newer houses in mount Charles are really good with decent sized rooms with 9 to a house with nice kitchens with two fridges and showers with max 3 people to, the older houses with smaller rooms (which you pay the same price for even tho the prices are apparently charged on the square feet of the room) have 12 people to with only 2 showers (6 to a shower), 2 kitchens with one fridge in each making it impossible to keep much food in pushing up your costs by not being able to buy in bulk or pre cook meals for the week. If you get offered a place in 11 to 19 then take it if any others you will be wasting money.


It's okay tbh, nothing great. I lived in elms village in first year and it was really good but mount charles is old buildings with a lot of issues. The staff tend to be very nice though and can e very helpful.