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Caterina Cortese
My partner purchased our EE Broadband+landline+mobile bundle back in January 2016 under a 12-month contract that he renewed twice. I am now about to discontinue it. The budle was advertised as follows: 10 Mb/sec (average) unlimited (i.e. no upload/download limits) broadband (plus weekend calls via landline) for £18.50 per month for the first 12 months. The contract also recited (and I quote): 'based on your address information, we estimate your average broadband download speed as 12.0 Mb/sec. We estimate that your line can support a maximum broadband download speed of 17 Mb/sec and a minimum broadband download speed of 7 Mb/sec'. Fastforward to February 2018: am 1 month into my second-year contract and my monthly bill has gone up to £21.50. I notice I cannot stream films online without them buffering uncontrollably from halfway on. I also notice the connection has started dropping every 10/15 minutes - regardless of the time of day and regardless of how many devices in the house are connected to the wi-fi - forcing me to rewrite emails I had already written, Amazon searches I had already done, surveys I had already filled out. I do an internet speed test, which produces the sad result of 1.5 Mb/sec download speed. I visit the 'Instructions to boost your wi-fi speed' page of EE's website and follow their tips to the letter: I restart my router, move it away from lamps, thick walls, radiators, keep it at a discrete distance from the floor,... Next internet speed result: 1.8 Mb/sec. And the connection keeps dropping at regular intervals. This is what triggered the first of many phone calls to EE's costumer service. Which is really a lottery system. Should you be so lucky to speak to one of the ladies, you will explain what the problems are, they will apologise and restart the line, which will restore a good internet speed and stop the dropping of the connection - at least for a few weeks. Should you get transferred to one of the guys, here is the likely script of your exchange: 'EE Costumer Service, I am Michael, how can I help?' 'Hi Michael. My internet speed is at 1/2 Mb/sec at the moment, but as per contract it is supposed to be around 10 Mb/sec. Also, the connection keeps dropping. Would you mind restarting my line to see if that fixes the problem?' 'Have you followed the 'boost your speed instructions' on our website?' 'Yes, I have, but nothing has changed unfortunately.' 'Have you moved your router away from windows and radiators?' 'Yes' 'Have you switched it off and back on?' 'Yes' 'Have you disconnected all your devices from the wi-fi and reconnected only one of them?' 'Yes. Like I said, I have done everything in my power.' 'Have you tested your internet speed using a Ethernel cable?' 'A what?' 'An Ethernel cable. You should have received one when you got your router. It is a cable that connects your router to your laptop' 'I do not have one. I must have thrown it out years ago, as I figured I would never need it' 'You should test your internet speed using the cable. If the result is 10 Mb/sec, then your slow speed is not our fault' 'But, like I said, I do not have one' 'You can order one at our online shop for £15' 'But could you not just restart the line? Your colleagues have done it before for me, and that seemed to fix the problem' 'Madam, I cannot do anything until you do the cable test' 'But what does it matter if the internet speed is acceptable when my laptop is physically connected to the router via a cable? I pay for wi-fi, which is by definition wireless. Therefore I expect the speed promised in my contract to be honoured without the need for any extra cables. Plus, my internet speed is not 1 or 2 Mb/sec under what I pay for, it is a tenth of the speed I pay for. Surely such a big gap must point to a problem on your end, Michael, cable or no cable. And there is also the connection dropping' 'Sorry, madam, there is nothing I can do at this stage' This has been my routine for 9 months now. Every few weeks my internet speed redrops at near-0 levels and my connection restarts coming and going. Thus at every page turn of my Celebrity Bake Off calendar, I call EE, hoping to be transferred to a reasonable staff member who will apologise and bring my wi-fi back to life instead of snobbing me lest I waste 15 quid on a useless cable.