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Best 10 Mobile Network Providers for 2020

The Best Mobile Network Providers in the UK based on student reviews collected over 2019.



Really good value for price, especially good that they offer an extra 1GB of data when I run out which is really useful for months that I've been using more data than expected.



Perfect mobile phone network for students and young people who are all about the internet! It is so affordable, especially for unlimited social use, calls and texts including extra GB of internet.



Brilliant service pretty much anywhere, also the only network I've found that do "all you can eat" data for a reasonable price!



EE is a relatively good provider, I always have access to good service no matter where I am and the 4g access is also really good.


Tesco Mobile

It was extremely easy to set up a new contract for someone with quite a poor credit rating - staff were extremely friendly and helpful about setting up the contract.



Customer service has always been fantastic. I use the O2 app a lot and get early access to gigs that I want to see.


Virgin Mobile

Good service with good connectivity almost everywhere I go. Don't have any reasons to complain with a good deal on how much data I receive and how much I pay.



I get a lot of data for a tiny price and receive very good signal everywhere I've been so far, 10/10 would recommend


iD Mobile

Great value for money! I wasn't looking to upgrade my phone and very simply went for a sim only deal with iD and it's perfect for what I need!


BT Mobile

BT offer a variety of brilliant great value for money sim only deals, which you would struggle to find elsewhere.