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Best 10 Student Bank
Accounts for 2020

The Best Student Bank Accounts in the UK based on student reviews collected over 2019.



Very useful as the app helps plan a budget for the month and also instantly tells you when money has moved out of or into the account. Easy to use too


Santander 1|2|3 Student Current Account

Great flexibility with overdraft, the online banking is fantastic and providing a free four year railcard for students is so handy.


Nationwide FlexStudent Account

Totally happy with the online banking, customer service and all other services provided by this bank.


Starling Bank

It's super quick and easy to set up. The app layout is also very simple to navigate. My account took 10 minutes to open, and card arrived within a couple of days.


Natwest Student Account

NatWest is probably the chillest bank to have an account with. I have never encountered a single problem and at the slightest hiccup they're very efficient in getting it fixed.


Lloyds Bank Student Account

Good customer service! I am always happy with the response Lloyds provide and they always give me a solution. The app is also easy to ease and I can send transfers within seconds.


Barclays Student Additions Account

Overall the customer service was great and responded in a reasonable time. Banking app is extremely useful and easy to use on a daily basis


HSBC Student Bank Account

The overdraft amount was perfect and the credit cases that came with it was perfect for emergencies and building a credit score.


Halifax Student Current Account

Bank account is awesome. Easy tutorials on everything you need to know. Help centre will always have the answer. Customer service is ace.



Revolut is the best travelling card I've ever use so far. It's easy to top up, good conversion rate and the app is user friendly.