Which Summer Holiday Destination is Your Uni?

Charlotte Forresteron 6 June 2019
Which Summer Holiday Destination is Your Uni?

The Sun’s started coming out and we are excusing day drinking in local beer gardens. You may be shopping for your post-exams holiday, but what Summer holiday destination is your university?

Barcelona - King's College London

You guys are way too cool that it's kind of intimidating. Just like Barcelona with the air of sophistication, culture, and beauty, KCL kids are on another level.

Scottish Highlands - LSE

You guys are too boring to go anywhere that fun. Just read your books while amongst the hills in an anorak.

Dublin - University of Sheffield

You lads know how to drink - time for the best pub crawl with the best characters.


Butlins - Sheffield Hallam

Face it - you're not the University of Sheffield but at least you're still a wild night even if lacking in sophistication.

Stockholm - University of Southampton

The only thing to visit Southampton for is the peng IKEA. Literally that is it.


Hamburg - University of Warwick

A little bit up your own arse because of the elitist aura you've got going on but you get away with it because of the prestige and "highbrow" culture.

Bali - University of Exeter

Both are flooded with super rich kids and "gap yah" students. Have fun on your yacht without us, smh.


Amsterdam - University of Manchester

You guys are officially the druggiest uni in the country. Of course you're going to want to smoke up here.

Maldives - University of Birmingham

Even though the Maldives has a notoriously low population density, it's still not as barren as Selly Oak high street, let's be honest.

Berlin - University of Nottingham

Nottingham students love a night out and know how to get rowdy - Berlin is the party capital best suited to their needs for sure.

Zante - Nottingham Trent

Both places known for their wild nightlife. Whether Ocean Wednesday or Greece, these students know how to party.

Cuba - University of Leeds

Cubans popularised bongos the musical instrument? And Leeds students go to Bongo's Bingo? Okay I know that it's a reach.

Las Vegas - University of Liverpool

The tackiest place in the world deserves the tackiest tourists too. You're really going to tell me that the ultimate bender with an Elvis impersonator is not your dream holiday?


Ibiza - University of Cardiff

With the body paint artists, glitter girls, and live music of Footlands (the SU's end of exams season party) it is definitely Cardiff's answer to Ibiza festivals.

Delhi - University of Hull

Even if you get "Dehli Belly" in India, it's nothing compared to that 1 star food hygiene rating for Dirty Bird.

Lausanne - University of Glasgow

This Switzerland city is known for its ridiculously expensive drinks - so not much different from Glasgow considering a Pint of Fun is now going up to £6.50 (tragic).

Vienna - University of Edinburgh

Like Vienna, Edinburgh students are a stunning sight. They are well fit and need to be appreciated for their beauty.

Now go off and celebrate the end of exams with an actual Summer holiday!

Charlotte Forresteron 6 June 2019