Ways to destress the night before A-Level Results Day

Dina Mouhandes on 12 August 2019
Ways to destress the night before A-Level Results Day

It’s the night before those all-important A-Level exam results, and the nervous struggle is REAL.

You’re probably feeling all kinds of worries, and why wouldn’t you? These results determine whether you’ve secured your place at your first choice uni after all!

Trust us, we feel you. 

So, to help you tackle those unsettling feelings, Student Hut has compiled a list of tips and tricks so you can destress before A-Level results day.

Know your triggers

First off, let’s accept the fact you’re probably going to be feeling a lot of difficult emotions the night before you get your results. And trying to push those feelings away, might invite them back in more strongly. 

Take some time to understand your triggers, this will help you recognise unhelpful situations that you can avoid, so the stress you’re already feeling isn’t made any worse. 

Let’s say you find it difficult being around busy environments. As you already have a lot on your mind, it might then be worth considering avoiding too many busy places until the extra stress you’re under thinking about your A-Level results is over. 

Understanding your triggers will also help you take better control of a situation and how to handle it if your worries and stress begin to flare up. 

If you feel you’re starting to become too overwhelmed with nervous thoughts and feelings, you could try using relaxation apps, such as mind mesiter or Calm to help you tackle the waves of emotions. 

Keep active

One way to distract yourself from overthinking your A-Level results is with exercise. 

Indoor yoga, going for a run, swimming, a bike ride and even dancing to your favorite album are some excellent ways to bat away all the negative feelings. No bad vibes welcome here thank you! 

Aside from exercise, generally staying active can also be a great way to relieve stress. Why not tick off some tasks that you should have done months ago? Like reorganising your room and having a clear out. Because do you really need that top you bought three years ago that still has the tag on? 

Now we’re not saying you should wear yourself out, or avoid your worries. But being productive means you may naturally find yourself forgetting about the nerves surrounding your results.

Talk to someone

Staying active and understanding your triggers might not always be enough to calm your worries the night before you get your results. However, you’d be surprised at how much venting your thoughts to someone can help you clarify things you are nervous about. It’s cliche to say, but keeping these thoughts inside your head will only make them build up and potentially cause you more harm than good.

Getting someone else's opinion on your worries can also often help put things into perspective, release the pent up tension you might be feeling and generally help sort through your feelings.

Remember, people want to listen and help more than you might think!

Have a backup plan

We understand that thinking about a backup plan isn’t ideal, especially when you’ve already got your hopes set on your dream university. But, considering your options will help relieve the dreaded thought of ‘what am I supposed to do now?’ if you don’t get the results you needed for your first choice. 

A good backup plan step would be to read up about university clearing options. Clearing gives students who didn’t receive their desired A-Level results the opportunity to apply to a course which starts on the same year you wanted to go to university. 

Seriously, your future-self will definitely be thanking your past self for setting up a plan B.

Accept the outcome

This one can be frustrating to do and way easier said than done, we know. Losing some control over a situation is stressful, but it also doesn’t have to be. You can take the control back by accepting that you can no longer change the outcome. Putting it bluntly to yourself is tough, but there is also a sense of empowerment you will feel by accepting that what will be, will be.

You can’t change any negative thoughts you may have, you’ve done the best you can, so give yourself a break!

If you do get the A-Level results you hoped for, congratulations! Equally if you don’t, then congratulations for doing the hard work, and remember, it’s definitely not the end. There are many alternative options through things such as clearing, and even your second or third choice university. Don’t be disheartened if you end up retaking your A-Level exams either, it’s way more common than you might think.

Good luck, you’ve got this!

Dina Mouhandes
Dina Mouhandes on 12 August 2019