How to Make a Roast Dinner for your Housemates

Dina Mouhandes on 28 November 2019
How to Make a Roast Dinner for your Housemates

Roast dinners are what lazy Sundays are all about. Here, we take you through a step by step guide on how to make a banging one!

It’s one of our most beloved British dishes. A 'royal' amongst other meals. An A-lister of the meals. The one, the only, roast dinner. 

It tops the list of essential Sunday necessities, and if you know how to make one, then you’re basically a Sunday God, right?

At first glance, a roast might look pretty complicated with its many components. But throwing one together one is actually far easier than it seems. 

So, to get you and your housemates through those endless Sunday hangovers, we’ll take you through each step of making a wholesome roast dinner, with vegetarian/vegan options included.

We've even popped all the cooking timings at the end for you as well...

Step One: Picking your main dish

Whether you go for a meat or vegetarian/vegan option, this is the glue that holds your meal together. So make sure you have a good idea of your housemates preferences before you start! Otherwise your poor vegan mates will have nothing but some carrots and potatoes to satisfy their Sunday appetite.  

Typically, you’ll have a variety of meat options to choose from - chicken, turkey, beef, lamb or pork. And if you or your housemate is a vegetarian/vegan, there are loads of great alternatives out now. Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Roast for instance is also suitable for vegans, and is probably the best of the bunch! 

While the veggie option is probably preseasoned for you, make sure you pick the right complementary herbs for your meat options. Here’s a guide to help you out -

  • Roast Chicken - lemon and herb
  • Roast Turkey - sage and rosemary
  • Roast Beef - thyme and shallots
  • Roast Lamb - garlic and mint
  • Roast Pork - sage and parsley 

Step Two: The roast potatoes

When we say to overestimate the amount of these you should make, we mean it. Trust us, even if you make two entire bags of potatoes, they will be gone within 2 minutes of sitting down. People just love potatoes– okay?! 

It is also absolutely crucial you cook them right...Or your housemates will never trust your potato cooking skills, or you, ever again. EVER. 

Luckily the humble potato is so versatile you have numerous serving choices. So if you’re not confident in making roast ones, mash is your go to. 

However, if you choose to brave the roasties, peel off that skin, chop them up, and give them a 20 minute boil first (this will guarantee extra fluffiness!). After, generously lather them up in duck or goose fat, or olive oil as a veggie option. Sprinkle some posh salt on them, then off in the oven they go!

Top tip, while the potatoes are boiling, start prepping your veg.

Step Three: All the tasty veg

All good roast dinners usually consist of many root vegetables and some greens. So, parsnips, carrots, cabbage, broccoli and peas are your go-to. 

But if you’re feeling really fancy, you could try making some cauliflower cheese. All you need is milk, flour, butter and some grated cheddar cheese. Oh and cauliflower, obvs.

Once you’ve chosen your medley of veg, peeled them, and cut them to perfection, all that's left it your seasoning.

Luckily, this part’s pretty easy, all you really need is some olive oil, salt and any preferred herb choice. Whack them in the oven and you’re all set.

Step Four: Yorkshire puddings

Unless you’re planning to make these from scratch, then you really don’t need to stress much about the yorkshire puds. There are so many places you can buy them ready-made!

You’ve already gone into the effort of making the roast afterall. But if you do want to make your own, BBC Good Food have got your back with their yorkshire pudding recipe here!

Step Five: The finished product

Congratulations, you did it! By now we will assume you have made the closest thing to the perfect roast dinner. All that’s left now is to serve it up, eat it, and leave your housemates to tend to the washing after all your hard work.

Bonus Tip: Timings

You didn’t think we’d tell you how to cook a roast without giving you some tips on timings did you? This lovely website has created the ultimate roast dinner timings chart to help you through every step and every main dish you choose to cook!

Thank you kind stranger.

Good luck guys, you’ll be a roast-pro before you know it.

Dina Mouhandes
Dina Mouhandes on 28 November 2019