OnBuy. How can an online retailer possibly take on Amazon in the student market?

Student Hut on 17 June 2019

OnBuy haven’t got the easiest job. They are looking to take on the giant that is Amazon. From a starting point of zero customers.

They cleverly identified that they needed to get in early and influence customers when they are just beginning to have disposable income.


So they approach Student Hut to grow their brand and engage with our audience to build a list of potential customers.

Up for the challenge, we put together a creative plan with a competition at the heart that would engage with our audience across our website, newsletters and social media.

The results were outstanding. From nothing and within 3 months, Student Hut delivered OnBuy with over 5,000 qualified GDPR compliant student leads.

The perfect start for a challenger to Amazon.

OnBuy have the toughest job around, but we love a challenge and were super proud to be able to give this UK start up the boost they needed.

Dan, MD Student Hut

Student Hut
Student Hut on 17 June 2019