The True Stories of Freshers Week...

Freya Hugheson 26 September 2019
The True Stories of Freshers Week...

Freshers Week – two words that conjure so many memories. Anyone you know who’s gone through university will jump at the chance to chew your ear off about their raucous first year shenanigans.

And anyone about to start their university experience? You’ve got something quite unique ahead of you. 

But don’t worry. We’ve got some tales from the Student Hut office to get you ready for the coming week. 

And we’ve kept them anonymous so they don’t have to relive their shame. Enjoy!


On my first night at AUB, I got back VERY drunk from Freshers Week. 

I woke up to go to the loo and (luckily) put my dressing gown on. After leaving my brand new room, and trying to get back in, I realised I'd locked myself out. So I had to introduce myself to all my housemates wasted, and sorta naked. At 4am. 

We called the locksmith out, who taught me to break into my room with a Coke bottle. I spent the rest of the week breaking into everyone else's rooms with my new found friends and covering their walls in Post-it notes. Photo attached…

Nights out

During Fresher’s Week, I went to a military themed club night called CALL OF BOOTY. In Eastbourne. Instead of entry stamps, the door staff applied 'warpaint' under your eyes, much to the chagrin of the dolled up masses. 

Every bit as harrowing as it sounds/as real military life must be.


So, I started university while living at home. I never thought I’d find anyone to be in a relationship with, especially after being cheated on in my most recent relationship. 

But in the January of my first year, I went to a house party and set eyes on this absolute stunner of a tall blonde lad. After a month of being inseparable, he’s the person I moved down to Brighton for and who I am buying a house with. 

If I’d chosen to go to another university, I would not be where I am today which is content, happy and with the best memories of university. 

We’ve been together for 4 and a half years. SOPPY!

Food gone wrong

I cooked everyone a curry in my house with chicken that was out of date and we all got food poisoning for like a day... Then, naturally, the next day in true university fashion were back in the club.

“One of my housemates tried to cook for the first time on his first day at uni. Instead of putting his pizza on a tray or on a shelf, he put it on the bottom of the oven. It chargrilled so bad it was still there when we moved out.”

Tales from the shared bathroom

I once lived with a swimmer (male) who used to shave his hairy legs in the bath before a race and wouldn't wash it away. And a girl who would leave her bloody tampon applicators in a plastic bag next to the loo.

Kitchen etiquette

My friend and I used to go 'food shopping' in all the other floors in our halls and take the nice M&S pizzas, Waitrose ready meals etc, and we'd be set for the week. Essentially stealing. Which I am, obviously, ashamed of.
Freya Hugheson 26 September 2019