Skint? Here’s how to get a job at uni
Revelling in freedom and more cash than you’ve ever had in your life. Spending a few quid here and a few quid there. It’s not that much, is it?
Millennial? Can’t choose a career? Here’s why.
Millennials and Generation Z are rewriting a working culture once based on work-hard, play-hard with scroll-hard, dream-hard. The unappealing resignation to a path that promises neither riches or fame is leading to a wave of young people either paralysed in their decision to choose a career or dissatisfied in their chosen occupation. Here’s how to make the right choice for you.
Life As An Intern

Life As An Intern

30 August 2018
If you’re looking to make yourself highly employable by the time you graduate, internships are a fantastic way to gain experience in specific sectors or with specific companies. Here are some great tips on what to expect as an intern, and how to get maximum value out of your internship!
Tips and Tricks for Studying a Masters
What to do after your undergraduate degree is a question students often get asked, but do we really know the answer to it? Finding a job or going on (another) gap year are both viable and perfectly great options, but what about further study?
5 Things I Learnt When Applying for Summer Projects
A summer project is a period spent gaining useful and valuable skills for your university or graduate career. These can be in many fields – from engineering to linguistics, and can even be done abroad.
How to Prepare For Life After Univeristy
Wait... No more Monday night beers and scoffing £40 worth of Dominos with your friends?! Are we really entering the dreaded REAL life?! I'm afraid we are, but here are some tips to make sure it isn't all that bad...
Should I Do A Masters?

Should I Do A Masters?

20 February 2018
Wondering whether to do a master's degree? Here’s what you need to consider first…
7 Most Innovative Ways People Have Got Hired
Meet the “Extreme Job Hunter” and the man who auctioned himself on eBay. In today’s competitive job market, these job seekers really went the extra mile...
The 12 Joys of Working in Retail at Christmas
What’s that you can hear in the distance? Sleigh bells ringing and carol singing? You wish. It’s the crying, shouting and repetitive Christmas songs that signify the start of the festive frenzy in shops around the country.
Writing The Perfect Cover Letter
Writing a good cover letter is just as important as writing a good CV, so here is a quick guide on making yours stand out!
Make The Perfect LinkedIn Profile Work For You
LinkedIn is an amazing tool that can help you get the perfect job. It’s important to get your profile looking good and it can be a little harder than it sounds. But don’t worry! Our quick guide can help you create a profile that does a lot of the work for you.
Top tips for interviews
Settle those nerves and head into your interview prepped and confident after reading our top tips.
University Graduate - Expectation vs Reality
It's February and you still have not miraculously completed your whole life plan since graduation. In fact, you haven't even dented in to it. Do not fret, there are lots of us that are all in the same position as you. So let's laugh about it, relieve some of the pressure and look forward to what the future has to hold.