Best Festival Outfits 2019

Saya Uotanion 26 July 2019
Best Festival Outfits 2019

As muddy and crowded as they are, we all love a good summer festival. Here are some of the best looks from this year to give you some summer fashion inspiration!

All Black Everything 

Forever chic, plus you can actually keep wearing what you bought once the festival season is over. 


Comfy, versatile, and highly customisable. It’s a classic for a reason. 


Another safe choice, but gorgeous nonetheless! Particularly good for those of us who like to dance around.


Now hear me out. Yes, it’s more than likely that your outfit will get dirty. Choose a washable fabric and think of any remaining stains as lovely memories…

Tropical Colours 

This one especially looks absolutely stunning on darker skin tones. It’s summer, live it up a little! (even if it rains…) 


If you’re headed to a festival that’s less woodstock, more Migos, neon elements will help you stand out. Plus they’ll look hot for the inevitable Instagram pics. 


Become Rihanna for the day and get gilded. 

Now go enjoy what you paid for with your hard earned money! 

Saya Uotanion 26 July 2019