9 Bingeworthy Shows With LGBT Representation

Georgie Willison 29 August 2019
Man and child holding rainbow flag.

On the hunt for some inclusive TV? We've put together a list of great LGBT shows you should check out!

1.  One Day at a Time

This is perhaps the best LGBT show on air at the moment. One Day at a Time is a remake of the 1970’s show of the same name. It focuses on a Cuban-American family going about their lives in California. It tackles important issues such as, immigration, PTSD, depression, racism and coming out, while still managing to be hilariously funny.

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

One of my favourite shows! An action packed comedy about a bunch of rag-tag New York cops trying to make the world a better place. Two of the main characters are LGBT, being a gay man and a bisexual woman.

3. Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s. Creek. A wealthy family lose all their money and have to adjust to living life in a small town as working class people. The son, David, is pansexual (yes, a TV show that actually uses the word pansexual) and has relationships with men and women. There has never been a show that so perfectly encapsulates the relationship between siblings. Also, Catherine O’Hara as Moira Rose is iconic.

4. American Horror Story

When you think of shows with LGBT representation, AHS is probably not you first thought, but throughout the seasons it has gathered quite a selection of LGBT characters.

Ranging from a bisexual vampire (played by Lady Gaga), to a gay witch, to a lesbian woman embroiled in a cult (Sarah Paulson), to a lesbian reporter from the 1960s (also Sarah Paulson) AHS has someone for everyone.

5. The L Word

Okay, okay I know what you’re going to say about this one, but just hear me out.

Yes, The L Word has not aged particularly well and some of the story lines could be considered offensive. Yet parts of this show are amazing. The lesbian drama is top notch. And with the new reboot coming out soon, now is a great time to binge watch this classic piece of lesbian TV.

6. Wynonna Earp

This show is a mishmash of different genres, there’s a little drama, comedy, horror and even romance (gay romance). Wynonna Earp is about the descendants of famous gunslinger Wyatt Earp fighting against demons, monsters and a family curse. Trust us, it's one to watch.

7. Pose

Pose is a recent show about the LGBT+ underground African-American and Latino culture in the 1980s, compared to the rise of white nationalism at the same time. It was a hit in the US and also here in the UK.

8. Killing Eve

I have four words for you – Sandra. Oh. Jodie. Comer. Both iconic actresses. This tells the story of a dangerous game of cat and mouse between a Russian assassin and an MI6 agent which slowly begins to unravel both their lives.

Plus it was created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge (creator, writer and star of Fleabag), who as we all know, is an absolute genius and can do no wrong.

9. Gentleman Jack

This recent HBO and BBC show was a smash hit with everyone! A period drama based on the diaries of real-life land owner and lesbian Anne Lister. Miss Lister is often described as the first modern lesbian, even marrying her wife, Ann Walker, in 1934 – widely considered the first lesbian marriage. This is the show every lesbian never knew they needed.

Georgie Willison 29 August 2019